A Forecast Archive

Welcome to the Zoltar forecast archive, an open-source web application that facilitates the storage, retrieval, evaluation, and visualization of point and probabilistic forecasts. Zoltar was developed to assist with many kinds of real-time forecasting projects.

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Projects are the fundamental organization unit of Zoltar, and hold a collection of models and their forecasts. Project owners can customize the details of a project for a forecasting challenge, a collaborative research project, or a teaching workshop.

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Interested in using Zoltar yourself? Fill out the Zoltardata.com user request form to be added to our beta-tester invitation queue. Users have permission to create projects and upload forecasts to Zoltar.

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First Steps

Getting started with Zoltar? We have developed a documentation site that describes in detail how to use Zoltar. From configuring projects, interacting with Zoltar via the API, and choosing the right targets for your setting, click below to get started.

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